Equilease Vendors

Vendor Integration Program

Close more sales while meeting your customers’ evolving needs. Our Vendor Integration Program – VIP – gives your business a competitive edge by providing your customers with access to on-the-spot lease financing. Our programs are innovative and designed for almost every kind of equipment in a variety of industries and market segments including dealers, resellers, manufacturers, distributors and end users. We can help position your business for sustained growth and success all the while achieving superior levels of customer satisfaction.

Ask your leasing advisor how we can assist you in boosting your sales.

Attract customers searching for a financing solution. Expand your customer base by providing a simple payment solution.

Cover the entire invoice with leasing – including taxes, installation, training, freight, and software.

Customers are able to spread the expense of the equipment over time which makes higher end equipment and add-ons more affordable.

Financing gives your customers convenient access to the capital they require to purchase your products. It also gives them another option for making purchases.

Your customers will be more loyal to you when they realize how simple Equilease makes the financing process — this is one of our specialties. Repeat sales become even easier after obtaining initial financing.

Every vendor, industry and asset are different. We work with you to develop a financing program to meets the needs of your business and your customers.

Online and printed quotes, credit approvals and lease documents are generated with your business’s logo.

You will be partnered with one of our experienced leasing advisors who will work closely with you to facilitate smooth transactions. We are committed to treating your customers just like they are our own.

We often approve requests in as little as 15 minutes, while customers are still in your store, office, or showroom.

We work diligently to expedite the payment process. Your payment is typically issued within 24 hours of finalizing all documentation.

We are committed to providing our vendors with all of the tools and answers necessary for closing deals. Your dedicated leasing advisor is able to teach you and your sales staff everything you need to know about leasing and strategies for using this powerful tool to maximize your sales opportunities.